The power swarm is a growing group of energy experts. We all work in different institutions with different backgrounds. Our diversity helps us to solve energy-related problems as crowd community. This is why joining Power Swarm should be valuable and interesting.

The members list is public and will be refreshed monthly. It might take a while to reflect the action of members joining (or leaving).

Member Affiliation
Adrien Lebrun Pivot Power
Alasdair Bruce National Grid ESO
Alasdair Muntz Energy Systems Catapult
Andrew Turner Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Andy Hadland Arenko
Barnaby Wharton Renewable UK
Callum MacIver University of Strathclyde
Charlie Blair Gravitricity
Charlie Cook Octoenergy
Chester Lewis E4tech
Chris Woods Drax
Chris Dent University of Edinburgh
Connor Duffy Imperial College London
Clara Heuberger Shell
Daniel Friedrich University of Edinburgh
Dan Gardiner Consultant
Daniel Brown Renewable Energy Association
Dan Hdidouan Imperial College London
Dan Murrant University of Birmingham
Frank Gordon Renewable Energy Association
Enrique Gutierrez International Energy Agency
Francisco Gonçalves Imperial College Business School
Graeme Hawker University of Strathclyde
Grant Wilson University of Birmingham
Hendrik Kienert Apricum
Iain Staffell Imperial College School
Joachim Geske Imperial College Business School
Jack Flower University of Strathclyde
Jake Howe Element Energy
James Price University College London
Jamie Goth University of Calgary
Jan Bastiaans University of Lancaster
Jethro Browell University of Strathclyde
Jeffrey Hardy Imperial College London
Joana Portugall IPCC
Jonathan Radcliffe University of Birmingham
Jonathan Bosch National Physical Laboratory
Karl Smyth Drax
Keith Bell University of Strathclyde
Lars Weber Neas Energy
Malte Jansen Imperial College London
Marianne Zeyringer University College London
Marina Valls Renewable UK
Martin Queen Ofgem
Michael Simpson Imperial College London
Michael Joos Element Energy
Nadia Smith Renewable Energy Association
Niki Avgeraki Imperial College London
Niladri Roy University College London
Oliver Schmidt Imperial College London
Oluyemi Jegede University of Birmingham
Paul Dodds University College London
Pavlos Trichakis Baringa
Phil Lawton Energy Systems Catapult
Phil Heptonstall Imperial College London
Phil Grunewald University of Oxford
Phillip Bruner Enian
Pooya Hoseinpoori Imperial College London
Ralph Evins University of Victoria
Renee van Diemen IPCC
Richard Gow Drax
Richard Hanna Imperial College London
Samuel Stevenson Renewable Energy Association
Sheridan Few Imperial College London
Solomos Georgiou Imperial College London
Sophie Enyon Element Energy
Tom Staw Element Energy
Stefanos Mavropoulos Baringa
Sue Xie University of Birmingham
Varun Sharma Enian
Will Dawson Forum for the Future
William Darby Element Energy
Xinfang Wang University of Birmingham