Welcome!  We believe the UK’s transition could benefit from the whole energy systems community moving closer together, so let’s make it happen. We need a better network for the academics, industry and government experts working on power system transformation.

To work towards this, we (Malte Jansen, Iain Staffell and Oliver Schmidt) have started a free and open group ‘Power Swarm’  that you can join here. Find out more about our motivation in the article ‘Summoning the hive’


The group consists of two elements:

1.   An open e-mail list: powerswarm@googlegroups.com.
This is an open email list that everyone can write to with questions, to advertise publications, job openings, workshops and the like. Only people who have registered can post to the list. A list of members is available in our members section.

2.   Workshops on energy systems topics.
These are to present current work and get hands-on feedback, and will take the format of short 10 minute presentations and discussion sessions; with a max of 5 presentations over 2 hours. Workshops are held at Imperial College London and companies / organisations or our members if they can. Presentations of the past meetings are available here.

As always, please be civil and constructive – and as this is an open ‘swarm intelligence’ type of group, please lead, direct and grow the group as you wish.  Invite your friends and colleagues, kick up discussions, etc.