FAQ and guidelines for you to make the most of Power Swarm

E-mail list

Sending an e-mail to the list Send an e-mail to powerswarm@googlegroups.com
Basic guidelines Please observe our basic guidelines for a professional, friendly and efficient communication to help you make the most of the e-mail list.
1. Please use the list carefully. Your message will go to over 500 members, so unnecessary, unintentional or erroneous e-mails can become embarrassing.
2. Before sending an information request, please check if you can find the answer easily online. We are not meant to replace Google.
3. Please reply to requests bilaterally, i.e. directly to the questioner.
4. As questioner, please send a summary of all bilateral responses, so that all members can benefit. Please keep in mind to:

  • Share useful content only (i.e., articles, website links,    general info);
  • Do not share the names or roles of respondents unless they have explicitly given you permission to do so
  • Seek approval before sharing elements of a response that might be sensitive (i.e., content not in available the public domain)
  • If a respondent requests anonymity, don’t share any elements of their response unless you received direct approval


5. Discussions can also be to the benefit of the list; keep in mind that responses go to hundreds of people; therefore, please avoid the following

  • ‘one-line’ responses without additional content
  • judgmental responses – we are about sharing content, not criticising each other
6. Please don’t send reminders with respect to any previous announcements you made on the list.
Archive If you registered with your Gmail account, you can search all previous e-mails to the list at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/powerswarm
Who receives e-mails All members of the group
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Step 2: Enter your details into the google form that pops up

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Step 3: You will receive an automated e-mail; please click the and enter you e-mail address again.

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Step 4: You will receive another e-mail. Please confirm your subscription by clicking the link.
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Unsubscribe from the list Send an e-mail to: powerswarm+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com.
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Power Swarm Workshops

Schedule Every month; usually the last Thursday in a month in the late afternoon.
Topic and place These change every month. See our current schedule here.
Participation Participation is for free. Just show up if you’re interested. In case you need to register (e.g., for access to the venue) we will let you know via the list in advance.
Giving a talk If you would like to contribute to one of the upcoming topics, please e-mail  office.powerswarm@gmail.com
Publication of slides Slides that were shown in any workshop will be uploaded to the website after the workshop unless presenters would like to keep them private.