Future Meetings

All meetings are free and you are invited to join and bring people along. Chatham House rules apply to the thoughts and ideas exchanged during the event. Presentation slides will be published after the event.

Meetings take place the last Thursday of the month in the afternoon. Afterwards, we will head to a nearby pub to continue the conversation.

Interested in contributing or hosting your own meet up? Please send us a message at office.powerswarm@gmail.com.


Time Topic Host Directions Comments
26 March Financing energy projects WORKSHOP POSTPONED
Phillip Bruner (University of Edinburgh)
30 April Hydrogen
28 May Negative emissions
Karl Smyth (DRAX): BECCS
25 June Carbon prices
30 July Summer break
27 August Merchant renewables & corporate PPAs
24 September Advanced biofuels
29 October Prompt power markets
26 November Decarbonisation of heat
10 December Decarbonisation of industry